Weekly Zodiac News for June 17 - 23, 2004

Weekly Zodiac News - Look at your love and work life forecast.


6/17/20243 min read

two women sitting on chair
two women sitting on chair

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A strong Mars is moving from Ashwini nakshatra and sits right in your zodiac. This week requires you to be aggressive in your pursuits, else you are bound to miss few new opportunities. Control your expenses. Love life is to get sparky. Observe, enjoy. In health, lower body ailments could pop up.


Things have gotten and will get better. However, a weak Jupiter and chandaal Rahu will bring some old people in your life, which will not be beneficial for you. Instead, use the power of the strong moon by mid week and work on your dreams. Commercially, you do well. Gut health needs to be watched.


A weak Mercury will cloud your judgement and a weak Venus will disappoint in relationships. However, harness the power of a stronger Sun in your zodiac. Risk, try out unconventional ways to make money and grab opportunities. Saturn is paving your way as you act. In health, just work on body strength.


The moon will bring in much needed clarity this week. Embrace the change. Move forward. Love life will be average but work will pick up. If you are building your brand, this week will be most productive. Actions your plans. Travel will be beneficial. At last, stick to a healthy diet. Avoid sugar and alcohol.


A good travel yoga forms this week and it will be beneficial. Although, ready for a cash outflow. Along with this, some pending tasks will always bother you. On the upside, your balance sheet will look pretty healthy by end of the week. In health, avoid excessive physical activity. Your health needs love and care.


Your lord may be weak combined with a malefic Ketu by your side. However, utilize this period to upgrade your skills, plan and prioratize. Those at jobs will feel stagnated. Independent professionals will do good. New avenues are just around the corner, literally visible. Love life remains low. Health is better.


A comparatively decent week for you, commercial aspect looks solid despite an airy mindset. Your intuitive ability will be stronger. Use it. Your emotions will be in control, thanks to a strong Moon. Love life will see some friction. Try to overlook a few things. Some body aches can result. Stay fit, active and hydrated.


A mean Rahu still plays with your health and gives dilusional thoughts. Try to meditate, put yourself together. Share your inner feelings and secrets, then resume fresh. Commercially, a great week for you but relationships, will disappoint. At last, in health, do not strain your eyes and avoid body infections.


Money woes will start getting better. Grab every opportunity that comes your way, even if you have to flex a bit. A weak Jupiter gets support from a powerful Saturn on work front and Mars gives you an excellent will. Use this period. Do not rush for the love life to fall into place. Yet again, avoid alcohol and sugar.


This will be a good week, overall but it will require tons of patience and hard work. A malefic Rahu and weak Jupiter and to present some challenges right when you expect the results. Keep your senses open and active. You are still backed by your lord Saturn. Love life and health, both will be supportive.


This is a fab week if you are willing to look at the bigger picture. Saturn hits in your zodiac, Mars presents opportunities and Moon clears your path, focus and emotions. Commerially, this could be a must needed push. Love and romance will be sparky. Don't get entangled in family matters. Health stays good.


This is a watchful period for you. Your thoughts are deceiving and so will be your actions. Rahu sits on your head, your lord of the zodiac is weak, and a poor Venus can make you do things that you will regret. Avoid bad karma in desperation. Commercially, an average week for you. At last, take care of your gut health.