2021 Numerology Forecast for Numbers 1-9

Let’s see how the New Year 2021 will work out for you.
Written By Dr. Palash Thhakur . He is a Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Spiritual Healer, Tarot Reader and NLP Master Practitioner. Connect: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


Entertainment Industry: ***** (big projects + elevation in status + new foundations + new platforms)

Politics: *** (expect shifts in power + administrative changes impacting the world + social causes + young people joining forces)

Technology: ***** (Lifestyle-changing launches + new means of logistics + enhancement in communication tech & world wide web)

Travel: ***** (Surge in travel / profits, better connectivity agreements between countries BUT the industry will witness a temporary negative image)

Hospitality: **** (Major restructurings + new partnerships + superb growth + changing demographics + new customer expectations)

Health: **** (Challenging but rewarding, roadmap to efficiency will be distant as new challenges will pop up)


Earth: *** (Extreme Weather, Earthquakes, Building Strain on Natural Resources)

2021 Numerology Forecast for Number 1s

Tip: Health is Wealth | Work with People

Number 1s will have a decent 2021. January and February can bring in short travels and new beginnings in life which will be beneficial on a mental level. Your energies might go up and down occasionally but how you act in these first 2 months will decide your entire year. February will bring in some confusion but trust your instincts and take decisions. March you will feel liberated and full of energy. This is a good month to lay the foundation for anything you wish to start – business or project. However, April you must take care of your health and avoid travel if possible.

On the contrary, this is a good month for spiritual upliftment. May will be a busy month for you. If you are in the entertainment industry, expect exceptional results. Those into politics, also expect things to work out well for you. If you trade in garments and textiles, electronics and FMCG goods, May will be a good month to reap the benefits. June will be slight challenging and will require extra efforts to reach your goals. Partnerships will be extremely important and beneficial for you in this month since July will be challenging on mental and financial levels.

August onward, you will catch up on lost time and money. If you play your cards right, expect a big leap in this month. September is a month to stay focused, avoid impulsive decisions and act ethically. This is a month where you need to rethink your strategies, priorities and make changes to suit your personal and professional lives. Innovation is key. You must adapt to changing times. These changes will take to reflect but you will see growth in October.

With money flowing in, it is important that you also control your finances this month. The last two months of the month – November and December will be extremely good for you in spiritual, financial and relationships. Make the best of these months. You are bound to get lethargic and will wish to spend your time for personal growth and with family. This, however, will not impact your finances. It is key to keep your karma right in these two months for maximum benefits.

2021 Numerology Forecast for Number 2s

Tip: Seeking Advice Can be Valuable | Value Relationships

Beginning of the year in January, you need to be proactive and take good care of your health. Mental and financial worries will be evident in the first two months. You will also witness temporary downfalls in your personal relationships. However, March onward you can expect things to improve and you will get an energy boost. Your priorities will be redefined and it is key that you keep a positive attitude. The first half of April can bring travel opportunities but it’s best to stay grounded. The second half can bring some financial worries but these will be temporary.

Irrespective of the financial woes, you will get help from one or more sources.  First half of May will be excellent for you but you need to be watchful in the last week. First half of June will be good for you and this is a period to grab all possible opportunities that you come across. This will be a decisive period so it’s wise to make best use of your associations to reap the benefits. Mid-Month will be low. The last week of June and most of the July will be extremely good for you.

Those in the entertainment business will benefit largely. This is also a good month to enhance your spiritual journey. The first half of July will be excellent for textiles, luxury, beverages & speculative traders. However, just be a little cautious during the last week of this month. August will be all about breaking old chains and new beginnings. Your health needs attention during the first week. Family & loved ones will be your biggest strength this month. September will bring in challenges & October things will cool down. November end will be more favorable than the first two parts and December your energies will be restored.

2021 Numerology Forecast for Number 3s

Tip: Step Outside your Comfort Zone | Avoid Scattering your Energies

This year you need to step outside your comfort zone & do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. The first week of January will be excellent but mid Jan to mid Feb, you will need to put in extra efforts. Finances will be bumpy and unwanted expenses will be troubling. You also need to take care of your health during this period as well as from May until September. The last part of Feb and entire March will be excellent for you in terms of energies. Make the best use of this time.

This is a good period for jobseekers, entrepreneurs and business owners. Expect good returns but don’t go all-in on reinvestments or expenses. Gold, telecommunications, luxury goods and even housing market will see improvements. However, if you are into any sort of speculative trade, be vigilant. April will require you to go that extra mile. Travel is likely and will open up new avenues. Don’t hesitate to seek advise when required. Also, don’t hold back from trying out unconventional methods. Growth will continue until the second week of May followed by emotionally and financially draining period for many until the first half of June.

The best advise for this period is turn your lifestyle upside down and make major changes in routine, food, work style & social habits. Health will require attention in July but gradually things will pick up & August will be good at spiritual, financial and mental levels. September start will be little slow but rest of the month will be good. October may be your best month & your energies will be threefold. Don’t leave any stone unturned to make money. November and December will also be exceptionally good if you can maintain the stability & focus.

2021 Numerology Forecast for Number 4s

Tip: Mindset is Everything | Evolve with Time

You will have a good start to the year with positive energies & heightened spiritual sense. Travel will on your mind but it is best to avoid until the first week of March as your decision-making capabilities will be impacted during February. During this period, stay away from insecurities & avoid unnecessary confrontations. This period may require you to make changes in your lifestyle so avoid resistance as these new changes will be good for you.

March will be very good for you in terms of business, career prospects and personal growth. If you into housing, metals, beverage & academic industries, expect surge in demand although be at par with new trends. April you will tend to fall back on your old habits, beliefs & ways of thinking. This will limit you but you will soon wake up to reality. For those in politics, April until the Mid-May is your period of action to reap long-lasting benefits. June will require attention to your health & will require you to curb your expenses. Having said that, finances will pour in but just not at the desired level.

For those in the entertainment industry, go all guns blazing from March until July. July mid will see temporary setback but these will soon be reversed. August will mostly be good until flattening energies by the end that will continue until the second week of September. The third week of September onward until the end of October is a great period for finances. Save more during this period as November will be expensive. Finally, December will help you bounce back & overall you’ll have a satisfying year.

2021 Numerology Forecast for Number 5s

Tip: Stay Socially Active | Stick to Your Commitments

This is your year so expect things to work out in your favor by end of the day. You will have an energetic first week of January, settle down by mid-month and will rethink your priorities, plans and goals in life by month-end. The last week of Jan until the second half of February can lead to a confused if not troubling state of mind and poor health. The ripple effect will first be felt in your personal relationships although it will settle down soon.

Absolutely avoid travel during this phase unless it’s an urgency. If you have been thinking of starting your own venture, March is the month to begin. However, be sensible in your investments. March will also see major partnerships, bonds, agreements and associations of mutual benefit. All those in luxury goods, travel, technology, communications, beauty, textiles & conventional speculative trades will see growth. Artists & actors can expect new beginnings & growth during this period. April you need to watch your speech more than your actions.

Growth will be slow & you’ll need to be patient. May will mostly be good but you will need to work with others to reap the benefits until June end. If you are planning to travel in May, this will be beneficial. Joining hands with others for collective benefit is key else you will not benefit as much you wish to. During this period, you will once again rethink over your relationships but on a positive note, this will also mean new beginnings.

July until September (with a temporary slowdown in August) are excellent months if you can stay determined. Despite a slowdown, August is a good month for travel. October will be slightly slow but just because of your own actions, a thirst for change, movement & inconsistency. November will be good but expenses will be high. December will be enlightening & excellent on all fronts.

2021 Numerology Forecast for Number 6s

Tip: Value Relationships | Learn & Adapt

You’ll have the best year out of all the numbers. With humble beginnings in January, you will reflect on the past year and will prefer leaning towards self-love and improvement. In the process until Feb, you will gain wisdom & develop new perspective about life. You’ll develop your plans for the year and will mostly wish to step out of your safe zone. Money and recognition are two things on the top of your mind. Feb is actually your month for new beginnings as March until mid of April, your energies will be low. Love life will see some setbacks.

Despite this, friendlies will always help you and things will work out for you in financial terms. Also, between this period, you need to progress through learning – in all the aspects – work or relationships. Observe more & adapt. April end until Mid-May is your golden opportunity to make money. Luxury travel, IT, telecommunications will see growth. Retail will still be slow. Stock traders will be happy mostly in the second half of the year as things take shape.

May end and entire June will bring expenses and you need to seek advise before making decisions. Avoid solo investments during this period so partnerships will be beneficial. July and August will bring in travel and at the same time healthy returns. New relationships will take shape during this period. September and November will be slow but growth will still take place. October and December will be healthy and full of life. By year end, if you utilize all the opportunities, you will have a satisfying year.

2021 Numerology Forecast for Number 7s

Tip: Strengthen Bonds | Seek Advise

You will have a pessimistic outlook during January but as you progress to the next month, you will have a better outlook for life and will make progress – mentally and financially. Throughout the year, you need to maintain a positive outlook and accept change with open arms. Things will seem chaotic and too quick to catch up but you need to maintain pace with changing times. Seeking advice this year from those in your inner circle will be a very good idea. It is advisable to revisit your associations or connections and establish or strengthen the bonds.

First half of march will be low on health and expenses but next 3 month or period until April and even the first week of May will be exceptionally good for business and travel. Those in independent trades will see breakthroughs and those who are looking for jobs, this is a favorable period. April however will see some relationship worries but by May these will settle down. During April, it is best to seek advice before any significant investments in property. If you are working in public administration or into politics, this is a strong month for you.

May end until mid-June will be superb in terms of finances but July and August will see slow progress. If you wish to take a break, August is the best month to regain your energies. September can work for you if you capitalize on your connections or associations. October will bring a bumpy ride but November will be good for personal growth. The last month will be very good for all the aspects of life and you will mostly spend time in leisure.

2021 Numerology Forecast for Number 8s

Tip: Be Flexible & Adaptable

You will have a good start to the year and your authority will be most visible during the first two months. January will go in your favor but February will bring in some hiccups. Expect elevation in status, prospects to earn and opportunities for personal growth and recognition in March. In the process you will develop enemies but will come out victorious. Health will show some signs of exhaustion in April but it will be a great month for business, relationships & spiritual growth.

May will be exceptionally good for people in the property, healthcare, travel, luxury goods and academic industries. Those in politics will face some challenges though and these will go on until late October. Expect change of attitudes, poor image, ailing support and criticism. The only way to win in Politics for you will be to build new partnerships. Heard-headed attitude will not prove beneficial this year. You can also expect a complex mix of policy changes and politics dynamics this year.

June and August will be good for business with an exception of July where things will get slow. September you need to act with due diligence else you will face setbacks. Love life will be affected in this month but by first week of November, things will pick up for good. However, your energies will slightly be off. By December, you will reap all the benefits. December will be your time to enjoy the results of all the hard work, diplomacy and accomplishments that you have lived through.

2021 Numerology Forecast for Number 9s

Tip: Strengthen Bonds | Seek Advise

You will have an optimistic start in January which will turn into tangible results – financially and otherwise. February you will have to watch your health and in case of indecisiveness, hold on to big investments. Relationships will take a hit in February as well so keep an open mind during confrontations. Step into other’s shoes to get a broader perspective on things.   Your energies will get a boost in March & you will get into contact with new people.

If you are planning to travel, this will be beneficial. April you will feel threatened and insecure. Stress will be evident. Here, seeking advice of your guru or superior will be the solutions to get out of mess. This can actually turn things around for you. Power struggles will be evident in this month. Those in metals will benefit throughout on a stable level. Entertainment, arts and technology professionals will also get much needed breather.

May and June are your months to step out and make the best of all the opportunities that you come across. Finances will improve but expenses will increase as well. July will bring in some lethargy due to low energy fields but September and October will prove impactful. October is a month to watch your health. Those in the automobile industry will see a surge.

The first week of November will test your strategies and necessary changes will be required for future prospects. December will be a blessed month in spiritual and financial realms. Relationships will improve, health will be much better and you will be satisfied with your progress.

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