Business, Movie and Project Numerology

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Give your project/movie/tv serial/business an auspicious and successful start through Numerology by Dr. Palash Thhakur.

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Starting a new business, project or a movie is exciting. It is a big step in anyone’s life. However, it can be scary. Moreover, the fear of the unknowns grasps everyone.

Additionally, most of the times, stakes are responsibilities are high. Hence, you need to ensure that stars are aligned in your favor.

Through the world, all major businessmen seek a professional astrologer and/or numerologist’s advice before starting out. Undoubtedly, this is specially evident in the entertainment industry.

In simple words, they do so to ensure that the cosmic energies favor their efforts and give them positive results.

Furthermore, successful examples of the most influential and successful people around the world cannot be ignored. Their faith on numerology and astrology continuously reaffirms the positive impact of the sciences.

Business, Movie and Project Numerology can help you analyze whether all the key characters/people and titles have energies that are in sync and will provide the best results from the efforts.

Dr. Palash Thhakur is one of the most renowned numerologist and vedic astrologer in the country who have vast experience in helping businesses succeed.

The Business, Movie and Project Consultation includes:

– Name Numerology Correction for all the Key People Involved (Max 2). All additional will be charged.

– Business & Trade Name Numerology Correction

– Business Logo and Interiors Recommendations

– Auspicious Launch Date

How It Works?

1. Book the service using this website or  call or whatsapp at +9195714 50711.

2. Within 24 hours, we will contact you to receive all the key details of your venture.

Details you will need to Email:

  • Date of Birth for 2 People (who will be running the business)
  • Trade Name
  • Brand Name
  • Industry Classification
  • Drafts of Business Logo & Business Card

3. Within 48-72 hours, you’ll receive a report with the analysis, auspicious dates, name corrections.

4. You can speak to Dr. Palash Thhakur online (via video conference/audio) or in-person (subject to location) and get answers to all your questions. This consultation will be for max 30 minutes.

* We request you to raise specific questions.

* Max 3 questions and 1 follow-up. Any additional questions will be chargeable.

* You must agree to the Service Terms and Conditions

7 reviews for Business, Movie and Project Numerology

  1. Nandiniee Khosla – Gurugram

    I was referred to Dr. Thhakur and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. He is such an exceptional professional in his line of work. He explains everything, logically. He basically babysit me until my clothing brand launch. I did not even have to hire a consultant for my branding. He has tremendous patience & makes everything looks so easy. Such positive vibes. I will forever be connected.

  2. Sundiip Sehgal – Mumbai

    We got more than we expected from this consultation. Palash sir guided us right through name for our law firm, the aspects of roles, business card, branding/logo and ending with the layout and vastu for our office. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and business sense combined with being a master in numerology and astrology. I will definitely recommend him to associates, friends and family.

  3. Madhuri Chandekar – Mumbai

    Launched our app with your blessings and guidance. Thank you for meeting us . Our review of this consultation is nothing less than fantastic. We feel much more confident and positive. Ashish & I will keep seeking your help for our future projects.

  4. Dr. Rahul – Mumbai

    Consulted Palash ji before opening my new dental clinic in Juhu. From Day 1 until I went operational, he helped me with Name, Logo, Branding, Interior colors, vastu & business cards, auspicious dates and hours for puja. I couldn’t ask for a better guidance. Everything fell in place at the right time. The start has been phenomenal and I am looking at a bright future for my clinic.

  5. Yugantika – Kolkata

    This was for a short film of mine, first project . The process was new to me but the way it was conducted + the end result = highly professional, logical & quick.

  6. Tanyya Lakhotiya

    Absolutely fantastic ..the way this entire consultation went through. The logo design, color combinations and numerology for our brands and trade names – everything put in order and logically explained. Really appreciate your efforts towards our production house. You are one of the finest numerologists in the world!

  7. Mukund Prajapati

    We started our new restaurant in February by seeking advice from Dr. Thhakur. Me and my partners followed his guidance completely for name spelling and logo. We started with a fabulous response and business is good, despite the low market situation. We have further recommended him to all our friends and family. Thank You

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