House Number Numerology

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Buy a new house- flat, villa or townhouse with lucky numerology number, series, color and auspicious date and muhurat.

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house numerology

Buying or moving into a new house? Congratulations! It is a significant move for you and your loved ones! As a new house buyer or leaser, it is important that the property possesses the right energies. It is also important that it attracts positive energies.

Along with the right Vastu directions and placements, it is important that your house number is numerologically positive. This not only depends on your own key numbers but on all those residing with you.

Moving into a new house with the right flat/house number/floor and building number can dramatically affect your life. This can be good or bad.

For instance, for many house number 4 is inauspicious. On the contrary, there are people who have prospered in house number 7. Hence, adversities for some can be a gem for others.

It is important that an expert should be by your side when making such decisions. It is equally important to stay away from misinformation and superstition. Numerology is a science that should be approached and encompassed practically.

Dr. Palash Thhakur is known as one of the most respected numerologists in India. He has tremendous experience in advising clients on auspicious details for purchases.

The House Number Numerology includes:

– Lucky Number for Prospective House

– Auspicious Date and Muhurat for Purchase/Moving In

How It Works?

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a. We request you to raise specific questions.

b. Please follow the above timeframe to complete the consultations and follow-ups.

c. Max 3 questions and 1 follow-up via email. Any additional questions will be chargeable.

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  1. Praful Pareekh – Ahmedabad

    Ank jyotish aur muhurat se flat kharida aur pravesh kiya. Bahut sukhad raha sab. Dhanyavad

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