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Get your Name corrected for sync with your key numerology numbers for luck, success and happiness.

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Name Numerology Online Consultation is your gateway to new, more positive energies. For clients who do not prefer a video consultation, this is an alternate option where Email Consultation is the mode of communication. However, it covers every aspects of Name Correction.

An Overview:

Numerology is an energy science that assigns letters to numbers which further correspond to an energy source. By aligning your Name to the correct energy vibration, the science helps you to manifest your desires. These include money, luck, happiness and positivity.

Nothing happens by accident in this universe and everything is energy. Your name has the power to attract the best energies and in turn, you exhibit the same. This means – better motivation to work towards your goals, better inner happiness, positive outlook towards life and people, healthy relationships and an overall successful life.

How Name Numerology Online Consultation Works?

1. Place the order for Name Numerology Online Consultation on this website or via UPI. Whatsapp on +91 95714 50711 for UPI details.

2. Email your birth details to Dr. Thhakur. Time and place of birth is optional but you can send these details as well. Email details will be provided by the customer services rep.

3. In next 24 hours, you will receive key numerology details on your email as well including Name Variations/Change, Gemstone suggestions, Lucky dates, Numbers and Answers to your questions.

* We request you to raise specific questions.

* Max 3 questions. Any additional questions will be chargeable.


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