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Mercury Transit in Gemini: Zodiacs To Benefit

Mercury will transit in Gemini from 2nd July to the 17th July 2022. See how different zodiac signs will feel the phenomenon.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist, NLP Master Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer)


Mercury is the the lord of intelligence. It is also the lord of speech and wit. In your body, Mercury impacts sinuses, throat and lungs. It also affects your nervous system.

In Astrology, Mercury is of great importance. It is a fast moving planet. It is also neutral. If placed with a positive planet, it gives positive results. Else, it gives malefic results.

When we cross reference Mercury with Tarot cards, it is the Fool. This denotes exploration. It is careless. The fool is, however, constantly moving. It is an achiever. Mercury is always volatile.

Hence, it is key to track Mercury in the horoscope. People with a strongly placed Mercury in their horoscope also enjoy superb speculative powers.


Gemini is the third zodiac sign. Gemini sign is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux, known as the Dioscuri. The twins represent dual nature personality.

However, in essence, this simply means that Gemini analyze each situation from two different perspectives. This makes them deep thinkers. Gemini ruled evolve constantly. They are brainy & adaptable. Gemini are also highly social. The planet Mercury is the ruling lord of Gemini.


Aries – New opportunities will come your way. Those in business can utilize multiple sources of income. In general, physical exertion will reduce. Support from folks will increase. Short travels will benefit. Personal life will be run of the mill affair. However, social life will get much better.

Taurus – Mercury transition will be good for wisdom. Pursue away your learning goals. This transition will also assist in recovering from poor health. However, in professional domain, it will not bring much positivity. Also, Taurus ruled need to be careful of their speech.

Gemini – You will have better focus. Confidence will surge. Things will pick up pace. You’ll aim for better, bigger things. Spiritually, you’ll also grow. There will be some impulses. However, they won’t be damaging. Geminis will enjoy a superb intuitive ability. Love life will improve. On the other hand, there will be useless expenses & travel.

Cancer – The positives include decent gains at work, fruitful travel. Those in metals, machinery, automobiles do good. Actors, entertainers do best. The downsides include unfavorable results in legal matters, occasional low health & hidden enemies. Overall, Mercury transit into Gemini will be decent.


Leo – Good time to start your venture. Ruled by Sun & placed with Mercury, you will overcome challenges with ease. Having said that, other planetary aspects will require a lot of hard work. At moments, you’ll drain your energy. However, you will bounce back. Relationships will be plutonic. Sex life gets impacted. Family, however, comes to your support.

Virgo – It will be a mixed bag for Virgo; which is also ruled by Mercury. On one hand, the general traits of Virgo ruled will be amplified. Professionally, things will hold up despite potential for falls. Travel, IT, Medical professionals will do best. On the other hand, expenses will increase. Virgo ruled must watch their health as well.

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Libra – You’ll need to be focused and patient. You’ll be tested against all odds. There will be gains. However, unwanted travel & expenses will disappoint. Physical and mental health will also get impacted. Mercury transit into Gemini, will, however, prove beneficial for partnerships. This is something to capitalize on.

Scorpio – Travel plans will be formed. Expenses will increase on others. Love life will get better. However, you are most likely to get into arguments. This will temporarily impact family atmosphere. Try to avoid all confrontations. Those in business must look into all aspects before making big investments. Students do much better.


Sagittarius – Superb intuition will result. You’ll gain new perspective on things. A general energy boost will motivate you. You will step outside your comfort zone. Listen to your gut. It will guide you precisely. In health, be watchful of your eating habits. Some disappointments in love life may persist. Overall, make the best use of this time.

Capricorn – Your movements will be restricted. Some lethargy will kick in. Mind will wonder into several areas. Hence, attention span will be scattered. Family life to stay in the grey. You need to control your anger. Take things easy during this period. If Leisure is on your mind, this is the best time to make that journey.

Aquarius – Despite a retrograde Saturn, this Mercury transit into Gemini will help the Aquarius. First, this will really help students with focus. Second, all stuck wheels now start rolling. Having said that, still be prepared for enormous hard work. You’ll get favorable outcomes in legal, government matters. Love / Sex life will be superb.

Pisces – Professionally, there will be no hiccups. Planetary positions favor you. Good time for investments. Also superb for startups. To make the most of this period, defer all legal matters. Travel only when necessary. Avoid intoxications. Also, keep a tight grip on your expenses. In short, focus just on yourself. You will see exceptional results.

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