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Numerology Today – Number 6 & 2 People Need to be Mindful

Numerology Today on 25th March 2023 brings in some precautions for Number 6 and 2 People. Read on..

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist)

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Numerology Today on March 25, 2023 for Number 6 People

Number 6 people are those born on 6,15 or 24 of any month. You are ruled by Venus. This planet is all about luxury, comforts and relationships. Moreover, you are also blessed with diplomacy and a strong will power. As a Number 6 person, you are also called friends of friends.

Today, on March 25, 2023, you will have a mixed day. There are certain challenges. At first, mornings will be little confusing. That is, you will face difficulty in decision-making.

It is highly likely that emotions will get the worst out of you. In commercial terms, this will impact your work. Also, your investment decisions. Moreover, you will not be favored much when it comes to promotions or responsibilities.

There is no doubt that you will take up all the opportunities that come your way. However, yoru energies will not transport well to others; who might see a lack of confidence in you. Secondly, period until afternoon is also a watchful period in terms of your personal life.

If you have expectations, let them slip away until late evening. Else, love life will have a ripple effect on all the other areas of your life.

Finally, you must be very mindful of your health. The general physical abilities to perform will be on a lower end. Exertion is possible. Hence, try to eat energy-boosting foods.

Tips: Start the day early. Finish all your pending tasks or pen your ideas for tomorrow. Dress in white, use good fragrances and socialize more. Donate anything green (example – lentil) to any needy person.

Numerology Today on March 25, 2023 for Number 2 People

If you are born on 1,11,20 or 29 of any month, you are ruled by Moon. This satellite is closest to the earth and generally has an impact on all our lives. As a number 2 person, you are a people’s person. Also, you work best in groups. Moreover, you are driven by emotions and passion. Having a purpose is key to your existence.

Today, on March 25, 2023, your energies will be scattered all over the place. There is so much you will wish to do. Your mind will race. Plus, you will wish to achieve more in very little time.

Restlessness is natural. This will erk some people around you. Now, in commercial terms, office politics can trouble you today. Moreover, female figures, specifically, will be work against you.

Mostly, behind your back. Hence, you need to be little diplomatic today. Manage 80% of your work with people skills, not your work skills. Next, your personal life will also require some effort. There will be micro details that you will fail to recognize.

Furthermore, doubts and judgements will not work well. This can cause serious damage to your relationship. Hence, it is strongly advisable to just flow and avoid all sorts of confrontations.

In terms of health, mental and physical agility will be low until the afternoon. However, things will eventually fall in place by late evening.

At last, you will bear some expenses today. Mostly, unavoidable. Try to keep a tight hand on your money. Save more.

Tips: Meditate and begin your day. Prioratize 1-2 goals at max. Do not hesitate to seek advise. Most importantly, be open to new perspectives. Stay hydrated and stick to beans and salads. Donate anything sweet to any needy person.


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