Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter Retrograde Ends 24th November 2022 – Benefits to all Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Retrograde has brought some unwanted effect on people. Now, this ends tomorrow, 24 Nov 2022.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer)

Jupiter Retrograde 2022

Jupiter or Guru or Brahaspati is a significant planet in Vedic Astrology. It is a wisdom providing planet. Being the largest amongst those used in Astrology, Jupiter is slow, heavy.

It is progressive. However, this progress is slow. Jupiter aspects 5th, 8th and 9th houses from it’s position. The effect on Jupiter, in general, is more significant on it’s natives.

However, the good and bad results are individualistic and cannot be rated on a scale.

This year, Jupiter turned retrograde on July 29, 2022. Retrograde is the delusional form of observation. In Vedic astrology, it simply means that the planet will not give usual energies / results.

It might make things worse for some. For others, it will just slow things down. Some of the negative effects include laziness, loss of will, procrastination, mood swings, overthinking, stress, strained relationships and failure in studies and work.

The relationship aspect is one of the most troubling aspect out of all. People tend to overthink and ruin their healthy associations. Plus, in terms of lifestyle, people get hooked on to addictions. This further destroys health and peace.

Finally, this Jupiter Retrograde is about to end. This will happen tomorrow on 24th of November, 2022. Jupiter is currently placed in it’s own sign Pisces.

At first, this is a good news for Pisces ruled people. You will experience an energy burst. The introspection will be way less. You will feel it getting better as days pass. Pisces are known for reasoning, unnecessarily. This normalization of Jupiter will help you beat the clutter of your mind.

For others who are affected in one way of the other, end of Retrograde Jupiter will help you overcome stress. Get ready to implement a routine that is more active. Get back to the people who you might have affected.

Those going through a breakup will get the will to move on. Students will regain focus in studies. People who were expecting a career breakthrough will see new avenues. In short, you will be more conscious, aware, active.

End of Jupiter Retrograde: Specific Benefits for Different Zodiac Signs:

Aries – Less thinking, more awareness, better health

Taurus – Better work opportunities, better sex life

Gemini – Better mindset, travel opportunities, wisdom

Cancer – Quick wit, better lower body health, reduced expenditure

Leo – Mixed results but improves chances of success

Virgo – Better relationships, influx of money

Libra – Travel opportunities, better health, spiritual inclination

Scorpio – less impulsiveness, better career prospects

Sagittarius – better money prospects, improved relationships

Capricorn – new associations, less physical exertion

Aquarius – good returns from investments, better love life

Pisces – less stress, faster pace of actions, better relationships

End of Jupiter Retrograde: My tips to make the best of this period

1. Start and end the day early.

2. Absolutely avoid long-term plans or overthinking.

3. Rebuild the bonds with people. Even if you have to apologize. Take things slow.

4. Stay fit. Reduce weight.

Everything is energy. When planetary energies impact out minds, they impact our body and actions. Hence, when energies are good, it is time to get back to our usual self. Change takes time. However, it is key.


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