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Numerology Insider – Money Matters for All Life Path Numbers

Numerology Insider for 15th of September, 2023 will be auspicious for many. Read on.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist | Life Coach) | Connect on Instagram

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Numerology Insider for Life Path Numbers 1 to 4

Life Path Number 1 – You area natural leader and today you will benefit from your investments. Although, those in share trading will be slightly disappointed. Having said that, this is a great day to buy gold, property, vehicles. You can also kick-start your projects. Partnerships will be less favorable. Hence, independent professionals will do best.

Life Path Number 2 – You will have a mixed day. Expenses will overpower income. Speculative, trades or services, you will have an average ROI. Moreover, difficulty in taking decisions will persist. Hence, move with caution. On the other hand, working on small, mutually beneficial deals will bring in quick money. Tomorrow will be better.

Life Path Number 3 – A slow day will make things boring. You will lose some deals last minute. On the upside, metal, luxury and hospitality people will do very good. Save more today and be moderate in investments. Gold purchase will be beneficial as well. Finally, you will need to be more flexible in terms of deals.

Life Path Number 4 – If you are from healthcare field, you will earn handsomely. Also, people in travel and import/export will do extremely well. Traditional methods will work in deals. Hence, do not try unorthodox ways of making money. Definitely, you will not do well in options and intra-day trading. Be mindful.

Numerology Insider for Life Path Numbers 5 to 9

Life Path Number 5 – Expect good luck today if you are into acting, movie business. Also, those in jewelry and event management will pick up deals. On the downside, you must consult someone in your trust circle on decisions. Moreover, do not let personal life get in the way of work life. At last, be swift in picking up opportunities.

Life Path Number 6 – You can expect a rock solid day. If you are looking for a job change, do it now. Investments in stock markets and venture capital will earn huge. Hence, start early. Plus, luxury and leisure industry professionals will have their hands full. The deals will be for a future period but gains will be large.

Life Path Number 7 – Today will be a slow day. However, if you stick to routine, you will do well. Independent professionals in creative industry will benefit most. Speculative traders will be disappointed. The energies will be scattered. Hence, keep all major plans on hold. Save more.

Life Path Number 8 – This day will belong to architects, enginners (even in IT), data scientists and researchers. All these professionals will ace. New opportunities will come in. Grab them. Also, use the day to launch your apps, businesses. For rest of you, I suggest you take the day penning your ideas.

Life Path Number 9 – Today is a very good day in all respects. Specifically, healthcare, occult, interior decorators, all sorts of counselors will do best. Energies support luck, money and recognition. Particularly, unconventional and experimentative means will help you grab money. Get thinking and quick.

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