Numerology Today – It is a Good Day for Money

Numerology Today, September 20, 2023 will bring in lot of positive against the odds. You may be in luck!

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist) | Connect on Instagram

Numerology is a wonderful energy science that can change your luck. View: Numerology Name Correction

Life Path Number = Date of Birth + Month of Birth + Year of Birth = Reduced to a Single Digit. Example: 12+12+2001 = 9.

Numerology Today : These Life Path Numbers Are Lucky

Life Path Number 1 – You are a natural leader. Also, ambitious and witty. Today you will benefit from your hard work. Speculative, travel and IT people will do best. Plus, new avenues will open up. Also, business travel will benefit. Some impulsive tendencies will persist. Therefore, be careful.

Life Path Number 5 – You are a go-getter. Communication is your biggest strength. Today, partnerships will benefit you most. Although, these should be mutual and short-term. Especially, those in politics and government roles will benefit most. On the other hand, marketing, media professionals will also fair good.

Life Path Number 2 – You are a people’s person. However, currently indecisive. On the upside, if you are from luxury, beauty, events, hospitality or entertainment, you can earn really good projects. Therefore, pull up your sleeves and get to work. Also, a good day if you are into share market. Finally, end the work day after sunset.

Life Path Number 6 – You are responsible. Plus, strong-headed. Today, returns from sale of assets will be beneficial. However, I don’t advise to buy any. Those wishing to switch jobs can do so. On the other hand, those in liquid and FMCG industry of any kind will see a rise. At last, things will require your flexibility to work. Be mindful.

Life Path Number 3 – Wise, creative and expressive, you run things. Today, odds combine but they will eventually benefit you. Although money won’t be spectacular, you will get a breather. Fashion, wedding planning, earthy product sellers will do best. Next, artists will get a fair shot. Concluding, this the day to grab all opportunities.

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